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that air of ruthlessness in spring

here is the hand -- here is the hand -- on my face

it's not my hand -- it's a beautiful day -- again -- I

can hardly believe anything -- what about you who

are so frequently touching -- some part of the world

what is it you're touching today -- when I touch the

trees -- the trees think man-child -- they are so

wrong -- but it is a human face I put on -- I am

hung up under this weather -- I am hanging on tight

to a swing -- when I go up enough I jump -- then I

am not touching anything -- then the world thinks

I've disappeared -- I am just having a little fun

not much fun at all -- are you sad -- did you touch

the world -- the wrong way -- everything is always

happening -- and not just for show -- I want to

show you something -- I don't care what -- I want

you to look where I say

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    • Six Songs for Invisible Gardens by Green-House on Bandcamp
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    • video of a double rainbow received in a group chat between May and August 2020. It may or may not play in your browser...
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    • 10 Hours of Rain... by Relaxing Sounds of Nature on Youtube
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